Wednesday, October 15, 2008

EXCELing Above the Beast!

I will admit that me and EXCEL have never been good friends, so I am a little nervous about revisiting this BEAST in class. However, being allowed to take it slow with some directions to guide me is definitely a good start. I'm still not sure that I am be able to create something as wonderful as my mind presents to me, but hopefully I will gain enough experience and knowledge to be able to set up a fancy schmancy grade sheet for my future classes. Better yet, "I WILL succeed at this." "Do you hear that you BEASTIE...I am going to VANQUISH you!!!" Prepare yourself world, for Sir Jonathan of Smith is going to become EXCEL-lent!'

P.S. I decided to pass on the pun of using my sword "EXCELibur", but then again, I do love puns!

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